I am *thrilled* to have been featured as a contender on the Hey, Hot Shot blog. In her post, Youngna Park writes:

"In many cases, however, it's what's on and in the window—flower boxes, statuettes, lacy curtains, crosses, signs, stickers or flags, that are telling of who the people who live inside. Relics are collected, then placed—sometimes delicately and other times haphazardly—on sills, offering tiny hints of personal proclivities and other subconscious habits. These are the geometric frames that contender Ben Golik documents for his project Other People's Windows as he walks around a succinct grid of streets in the London suburbs, offering interpretive interjections and loose analysis of the residents he imagines live behind these windows with the titles he attaches to each image."

I've followed Jen Bekman's wonderful projects for years and indeed have several 20X200 editions hanging on my own walls. Delighted to be mentioned in such inspiring company!

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